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Originally Posted by D&A View Post
Just to clarify my postings regarding the M9 and iits output. My observations reflect strictly on shooting "RAW" as I never shoot jpegs with any camera unless I need some small file for quick display to show others the shot. It's generally acknowledged that the admired output of M9's, is its Raw files, not jpegs.

Dave (D&A)
:this: ^^^ Yeah, I tend to shoot RAW only. I never find the JPG color to my liking, except Olympus files under ideal light. In general, the M9's images are superior in every technical respect to my film image with the low ISO images rivaling old medium format for detail. I don't find its higher ISO settings bad at all, but that, of course, is a personal preference. And my favorite B&W was for many years, Neopan 400, so that may tell you something about the grain I like in pictures. I often add "grain" back in to M9 files in Silver FX Pro2, but I know that is anathema to many of you.
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