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Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
Is anyone surprised...really?

Of course people are surprised. There are literally billions of more people on the planet now that the 1950's. China, India, and all kinds of other people have moved hundreds of millions of people into the middle class. Yet traditional camera sales can't pick up a few million? That is a paradigm shift of epic proportions.

I remember when I bought Fujifilm P & S cameras like the F31fd, Fuji sold close to 10 million cameras per year. Per year! How many factories did it take to pound out that many cameras? A LOT. And Fujifilm was a bit player compared to Canon and Nikon. All those plants have had to be shut down. There is no need for that kind of capacity now. And worse, all that revenue used to fund Fuji's other camera endeavors. All gone.

Remember, the bloodletting is far from over. -50% and more is coming in just two years. That's enormous pain for those in the industry.
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