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Certainly, Lada cars were extensively rebuilt when they arrived in the UK as their finish was appalling. Shame we didn't have the same for the British Leyland products of the time (ducks).

I did have a Zenit E as a boy and it took perfectly acceptable photos (when I applied myself).

I come with no illusions. I did have friends who own a number of Soviet bloc cars and go on rallies, and most of them are as mad as a hatter. I rather lost touch when I asked not so innocently who in their right minds would dress up as Stasi or NKVD to go to some reenactment. That didn't go down well.
Film amateur with a few rangefinders - Leica III, M2/M3, Werra 3 and Zeiss Super Ikonta 534/16 medium format.

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I do all my own black and white developing at home.
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