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Originally Posted by aizan View Post
This article from Harper's Bazaar was going around social media last week. I got to thinking about how it related to photography, and it adds a lot to our understanding of why we talk about gear so much and about photography and art so little.

Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden

The basic argument is that guys suck at relating emotionally to other men because of contemporary homophobia, so they turn to women to take care of them instead.

This behavior affects the world of photography by us not facing up to our anxieties about creativity. It's a lot easier to focus on gear and distract ourselves with GAS than it is to deal with artistic risks and challenges, especially when most of the photographers on forums are men who are no help when it comes to certain things. It's a trap!
BS and ignorable.

Photographers talk about gear because they haven't learned how to articulate translate the expressive side of their work into words. The same is true of female photographers. Gear and techniques are much easier to quantify and articulate. Some portion of the point of producing photographs is that the photos are the expression that words fail at for many.

And what about gay men? Most do not look to women to take care of them emotionally: They rely upon other men to be their friends in need and support net when things are tough.

Armchair psychologists...

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