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Originally Posted by Archiver View Post
Absolute trash, yet another example of third wave feminism vilifying men and upholding women as paragons of martyrish virtue. Of course that article is going to be in Harpers Bazaar, it's a magazine that has always catered to women. In the same pages, you'll find articles about style, gossip and beauty tips. That's the market Harpers is playing to.

No, we don't talk about gear because of contemporary homophobia, that's just nuts. We talk about gear because we like it! I get a thrill from seeing and handling a well crafted instrument of any kind, be it a watch, a knife, a gun or a camera. I also love the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into a fountain pen.

I have no qualms talking about my artistic challenges with likeminded male photographers, artists and film makers. I'm not saying that many women aren't doing the emotional work in a lot of relationships, but to say that we talk about gear because we're afraid of appearing to be a homosexual is just wrong.
Correct. Well stated. Even my wife agrees that men are under siege. This is another example. And this article is offensive and flat out stupid. She (we) is (are) concerned because we have a son. If you really want to see another glaring example, look up the controversial Gillette's "toxic masculinity" ad that came out last winter. No Gillette product will enter my home. And no Procter & Gamble product will either if I can help it.
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