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Originally Posted by zuiko85 View Post
I was originally drawn to cameras because Iíve always been fascinated by all things mechanical. From clockwork to steam engines to anything with wheels and cams and gears. And, from a very young age, lenses, of any kind.
So, what embodies those two things? Fine precision mechanical cameras of course. This explains why from the mid to late 70ís, when electronics started to take over, even the film cameras of that later era leave me cold. I.E., the original Canon F1 is a thing of beauty whereas the EOS line with their Ďplastoblobí styling, while entirety competent picture machines, stir absolutely no feeling at all in me. And digital!?! Okay, Iíd just better shut up now.
Talking about photo gear covers a lot of ground, and hobby photography is a large house.
Took me awhile, but I finally admitted to myself that Iím certainly no artist.
The actual article, if you take the time to read it, makes no reference of mens tendancy to fascination with well exectuted devices of any nature. Not only is it not criticized, it isn't even mentioned. Nor is homophobia explored in any depth.
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