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He's saying you're drawing a false equivalence.

If you come up to me and say "you're not wearing hat" then I point to my hat and say "but I am wearing a hat" that's different than you coming up to me and saying "global warming is real" and I go "but it's snowing".

I'm still wondering about the OP's definition of emotionally supportive, if they just mean people saying "good job" and "you're doing great" or what? I feel like that sort of thing disappeared a lot of places when social media took over, and the need to always be "witty" and glib and sarcastic poisoned conversation. Sites like twitter and tumblr killed a lot of art forums, since the potential to reach much larger audiences outweighed the value of more intimate, helpful, feedback from a smaller circle of people who shared common interests. Now years later I see a lot of people complaining they have nobody to talk to, even when they have ten of thousands of people following their accounts...
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