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Summilux 35mm pre-asph shots
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Summilux 35mm pre-asph shots

There are 2 lenses that I believe wrap up and define what is the elusive "Leica look": The Summilux 35 pre-asph and the Summarit 5cm (clean sample, of course!) and as a third I would place the 21 super-angulon f3.4. This is only my opinion based on long searches and, obviously, shooting experience. Let's not forget that I am not an expert and I don't want to be one.

Some respected RFF members do all what they can to discredit this lens in favor of the newer Zeiss or ASPH offerings. They say it's not sharp, shows light falloff and it flares. My personal thinking is those are part of its qualities and undeniable charm. One doesn't shoot the 35 summilux pre-asph for sharpness per se. One shoots it for its overall very unique rendition.

I know, I know,. I probably sound ultra biased. But believe me, I am not! As a matter of fact, this is the lens I used the least during my trip (about 3 roll total, only!) but my best shots are with this lens. I constantly underestimated its qualities in favor of either the Noctilux or the 21 Super angulon... A mistake.
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