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Originally Posted by Nikon Bob
You are absolutely correct, any other lens would be as good. The point is that this lens has a rep for being worse than the other lenses. I think most users of the pre asp lux 35 just want to show that it is not all that bad and most likely pretty useful. Why would that generate GAS.

Now you got me thinking!

I never cheap out on lenses but I'm not rich. I'd rather eat ramen for 3 straight months and only drink water if it would allow me to save and own the best. I cheap out on jeans, T-shirts, but never on suits, ties and shoes. I may cheap out on camera bodies, but never on leneses. As a matter of fact, I own what I arguably consider the best Nikon and Leica have to offer, thanks to Ramen and Rice.

Considering all the above, why would I try convincing myself about this lens? Trust me, I love hunting lenses and in this case, my 35mm hunt is looooong over.
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