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Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your great suggestions. I really appreciate it. I did not have time prior to the event to write up a formal contract, but I am on friendly terms with the executive director of the organization. As I mentioned earlier, this is for a worthy cause. The event is an annual health fair in San Francisco’s Chinatown. It serves senior citizens and families, giving them exposure to health screenings and information that would otherwise be hard to get. Most of them do not have health insurance. I helped the non-profit organization get some images for use later in promotional brochures, reports, and newsletters.

While I am also capable of shooting high quality digital, I did not want to deal with the post-process work, so I decided to just volunteer my time and have them buy the film, and do their own processing. At this point in my life, I am an amateur photographer, and my days are busy with my regular job.

I decided to keep it simple as far as equipment. I had limited time, and I wanted a simple and fast operating setup. I chose to use my Nikon F4s, 24-135mm AF zoom, and my SB-28 Speedlight. The event was both indoor and outdoor. I used the SB-28 for fill lighting outdoor where there were mixed sun/shadow elements. I thought about bringing a 2nd body for shooting my own separate shots, either my Bessa R, or my Nikon D100, but in the end, I simply did not have enough time to mess with the extra gear.

At the end of two hours, I shot 5 x 24exp. rolls of Kodak Max 400. It was a very fun and satisfying experience. I got to shoot stuff on somebody else’s nickel, and I had the freedom to exercise my own creativity and vision in photographing the event.

I just got word yesterday that they got the pictures back from Kodak processing, and the pictures were great. They were very pleased. They will credit me for any images that they will use, and they will be making copies of the photo CD’s for me. I also explained to them how an agreement “should” read based on what I learned here.

Now I’m wondering if I can draft something up to be signed after-the-fact? What do you think? If not, as least now I know what to do for future evernts.


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