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Originally Posted by Jorge-AD View Post
An X100, a beautiful model, nice styling, an assistant with a huge diffuser, and they still managed to produce a uninspiring, distorted and depth-lacking image (in the X100 LCD, at the blog).

Hopefully by tuesday we shall have something, not only more technically suggestive of the cameras performance, but inspirational as well.
You'd think there would be a line of willing photographers in NYC with portfolios of 35mm fov work who would be willing to do some promotional shots with a pre-production model, photographers with the ability to really show off what it can do and make some inspirational images.

Leica had it right with the m9 and those wonderful photographs of the young boxer and his girlfriend. They really showcased the camera, were unique, and were of the type of photos many Leica customers would want to be taking.

This just reinforces my many year experience that marketing people rarely hold their positions for competence and ability. Let's hope Fuji HQ is doing something higher quality that will be released, because this has been the most poorly done pre teaser stuff for the x100 I've seen so far.
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