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One thing to consider.. Control interface between the a7 and a6000 plus some other aspects that may help u decide
- a7 dual dial (aperture/shutter) vs single dial
- basically same mode dial
- location and dedicated exposure index dial
- though both are 24 mp, a ff should have better dynamic range
- a6000, sigma art (19, 30 and 60 all f2.8), Zeiss and other third party e mount lenses. To use these lenses on a7 means apsc crop factor (slightly greater than 10mp)
- a6000 16-50 kit lens while compact is only average at best
- a6000 af is suppose to be faster

Personally, I would just keep the a7 because u already paid for it, as a ff, it can backup your Leica DRF and I think the user control layout is better. The Zeiss 35 and 55 fe mount lenses are good... Only time will tell how well Sony will do w/ their roadmap.

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