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Originally Posted by MCTuomey View Post
Exactly. And AF from the A7 with native glass is a fine complement to Dave's M240. I'd be surprised if the A7's AF with FE lenses wasn't adequate for what Dave seems to intend to shoot.

I'd keep the A7, decide which native glass works best, get that lens (or lenses), and move on. Simple.
Bingo Mike.

I had a chance yesterday to play with the A7 and the Sony/Zeiss 55mm (again) and the 35mm f2.8 (again). I also tried the 70-200 f4. While the 70-200 looked "odd" because of the size of the A7 body.. the lens is cracking sharp and would be awesome to use for weddings/events. I tested the 55 and 35 with continuous AF while walking towards a subject (in order to mimic movement of a subject towards me if I was stationary) and the camera/lens worked a LOT better than I had even anticipated or expected.

I have decided to hang onto the A7 and proceed accordingly. It will be fine to build on this mirrorless kit - and it will make a great back up or prime camera (when AF may be a necessity) to go along with the M240.

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