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My view is they improved the video to 4k which I don't need, added 5 axis IS, which with a camera that is great to iso 12,800 isn't needed because you can set the shutter speed very high.

My opinion

adding AF points but not PDAF to make it faster, better low light AF, and focus tracking didn't change much.

in continuous shooting raw + jpeg buffer is just 26 shots way below Canon

You mentioned wanting 14mp to 16mp, without BSI it may be worse with M rangefinder lenses, I have at least 8 of them. Besides going from 12mp a 4mp jump even to 16mp isn't going to be very noticeable.
Better to use a Fractal print utility that can add 2 to 4 times the pixels and not affect the look of the shot.

Good chance to see a price drop on the current camera for a USA version with full warranty.

I use RF lenses, don't need AF, I don't need 4 K video, my 60" tv is one year old, and not big enough to see a big advantage of 4k , my satellite dish doesn't have that much programming to warrant a new TV. My computer monitor however can do 4k but so what its only 27 in. size.

$3000 for body only is a lot of bucks for mostly video improvements.
Makes sense for a video photographer upgrade since 4k is in camera, don't need a Shogun recorder any more.
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