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Originally Posted by KoNickon View Post
So you'll have a lightly used 3.5F for under $500 -- seems like a pretty good deal to me!
Yes I'm happy. Also the meter worked too. I'm not sure how accurate it is but I'm expecting them to calibrate it too.

Once in a while new or nearly new cameras come along. I found a new Baby Deardorff, not a 4x5 special but a true 4x5, in an antique store. It appeared to never have had a film holder in it. It came with a case, 5 or 6 new-in-the-wrapping Graflex wooden holders and a new looking 210 Tessar in an Ilex shutter. The odd thing was there were only 500 of these made and the last was in 1945. Why would something like this suddenly appear in an antique store?

For a short time between jobs a friend hired me as a salesman in a camera store back in the early 70's. It was around Christmas and I was filling in at the main store downtown. A priest came into the store and one of the owners waited on him. He had a paper grocery bag with quite a few nice cameras. A woman in the church whose husband had passed away twenty years earlier had given the cameras to the church. The priest wanted something he could understand and use and wanted to trade them on it. I remember there being two Balda cameras and several others. At the bottom of the bag was a beautiful clamshell case marked Leica. The owner of the store opened this beautiful velvet lined case and inside was a like-new Leica IIIF RD ST with a 50 Summicron on it. Inside the camera was a partially shot roll of Kodachrome ASA 10 film.

The story about the cameras was the owner passed away the week he bought the Leica and never completed the roll. Sad!

As to the transaction, The clerk / one of the owners, jumped at the chance to get the cameras. He was a scurvy rat that would fleece his mother out of her last dime. Well, he pulled a bottom-of-the-line Pentax out from under the counter, memory fails as to the model (K1000?), and convinced the Priest to trade everything in the bag plus $135 cash for the Pentax. I do remember the price was list, meaning he got the cameras and took them home and sold the priest a camera at list price. Not sure I could have done that one.
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