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Originally Posted by x-ray View Post
I'm sad to report about the CLA Camera Service Co did on my Rollei. I finally had a chance to really check it out and discovered the latches that hold the focusing hood on weren't under tension and not holding the hood on. When I shipped it off it was working properly. To find out what was wrong I removed the hood and slid the focusing screen frame back and opened the mirror box. I noticed the mirror was covered with 45 years of dirt just as I had shipped it to them. they hadn't touched the mirror at all. Now looking around to try and diagnose the latch problem I noticed two small bronze coiled springs in the bottom of the mirror housing. I dumped them in my hand and set them aside. I went to the internet and found a diagram of that assembly and discovered they were the springs that kept tension on the latches. I first cleaned the mirror and then took a small screw driver and removed the top assembly. I carefully inserted the tiny springs and then reassembled the camera.

Next I checked the lens, There had been quite a bit of residue in it and found it was still there. All the tech had done was clean the outer surfaces.

To their credit the counter was fixed and the shutter works great but the overall job was less than I expected for the $400 they charged.
Sorry to hear the experience was less than overwhelmingly positive. You've already sorted the mirror, but if you have access to a lens spanner or can contrive a tool for the notches at the front, you can unscrew the front group easily enough to clean the rear surface. With the shutter set to Bulb and f/3.5, using the shutter release lock, with a little care you may also clean the front surface of the rear group through the shutter without having to extract the rear mount from the shutter also. Otherwise it sounds like you now have a great 3.5F for a bargain price overall—although I don't think the repair costs were a bargain by any stretch of the imagination...
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