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Originally Posted by Sarcophilus Harrisii View Post
Sorry to hear the experience was less than overwhelmingly positive. You've already sorted the mirror, but if you have access to a lens spanner or can contrive a tool for the notches at the front, you can unscrew the front group easily enough to clean the rear surface. With the shutter set to Bulb and f/3.5, using the shutter release lock, with a little care you may also clean the front surface of the rear group through the shutter without having to extract the rear mount from the shutter also. Otherwise it sounds like you now have a great 3.5F for a bargain price overall—although I don't think the repair costs were a bargain by any stretch of the imagination...
There aren't any notches in the front ring but I've used a rubber stopper before to remove the cells. Once I get them out I shouldn't have any problem removing the front element and cleaning it. I've done this on a Xenar Rolleicord and not too worried about doing it on the Planar. If I need to I can send it to Paul Ebel.

I felt the price was good if they'd done what they were asked to do but for what they actually did it was a ripoff.
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