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What work they did they did an excellent job on. the problem was they skipped over half of what I wanted done and didn't reassemble the upper frame properly that had the hood locks in it. I figure I live close enough to go down and stand over them if I need to. I'm less than three hours away.

To their credit they were very nice about it and sent a shipping label and promised to do it right this time and have it back within the week. I'll revise my comments if they get it right and will give them another chance on my F100 meter. If not I'll send a link as Andy suggested.

Steve, the Vb is a great camera. Everything from the V up was super. My brother has our dad's V that he bought in 55. I had a 55 vintage V as well. I shot a lot of nice work on jobs with our dad's V. They're so light and compact and the Xenar is excellent.
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