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I am enjoying reading this thread.

I suggest (one might say, IMHO} there are a number of levels to which an (undamaged, merely old) camera can be "serviced", "CLA'd", or brought up to "spec".

An undamaged camera, a Rollei TLR,let us say in the present example, well treated, but that has spent a decade or two in a dresser drawer, will need a bit of attention before it is a reliable actor/partner/instrument/(your noun goes here) in the field. The lubricants on the moving parts will have become gummy and many of the optical surfaces (read viewfinder optics as well) will have accumulated haze/fog/mist (how does that stuff get in there, one might ask).

A straightforward cleaning by a competent camera shop will clean and replace the shutter lubricants, remove the haze from the viewfinder, and provide new lubricant to moving parts. Cost - $150-200 in an honest, competent shop (my favorite is Cameraworks in Latham, NY). The camera returned to you will be a jewel that will serve you well for years.

Then there are the shops/artisans/true craftsmen that virtually reconstruct the camera, tearing it down completely, and returning it to the user in an "is as almost never used state". If you can afford this level of service (at a cost greater than I've mentioned above}, go for it. The camera will be perfect in every way.

My point here is that a clean camera that requires only a proper/thorough shutter cleaning/relubrication and removal of muck from the viewfinder optics can be brought to full functionality for something less than the cost and time delay required by a celebrity camera shop.

Good light to all.
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