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The thing that strikes me about this story is astonishment that it's actually a story. I don't see how the photographer is a scoundrel here. For whatever reason she agreed to model for someone who was a professional photographer and signed a model release -- these are seldom long or complex documents -- and he filled the pictures with a stock agency. When she asked him not to use them anymore he agreed. How is that obnoxious? What is borderline obnoxious is the fact that six years after he agreed to stop using them this is being run as a news story leaving the impression without actually saying that she was deceived by him when something was snuck into fine print. Which seems unlikely to actually be the case -- model release typically have no other purpose than the grant of permission to use the photo for advertising and the like. It's more a matter of "surprise! Of all the millions of stock photos of a woman's face out in the world this one actually sold a few times. And the woman isn't happy with that"
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