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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
The elephant in the room... anyone who has posted any images to any of the social media platforms has given up the rights to those images. FB, twitter etc can use those pics in any way they see fit, they can monetize them, sell them off anywhere. W/o needing to get the original creator/poster's permission.
Because they signed that away by using these sites. Check the terms of usage.

The photographer in question had her sign a model release form. If she read it, and didn't agree, she didn't have to do it. She got a free portrait session in return. She willingly accepted that.
This is all on her.
Yep !

In getting rid of some old gear in the past, I would often set up a 2 Ft bank light and fill, with a nice table top setup (background) and, do quality product photos of all the gear I wanted to sell. I got a letter from eBay (they are local) asking if they could include all the auction photos they collected from my auctions in their new photo library. I wasn't told they were collecting my photos. I told them no. A few months later they announced, under a new policy, that they owned the rights to any photo posted on their site.
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