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Originally Posted by x-ray View Post
Good to know. If I ever sell on eBay again I'll put my copyright watermark across the image.

I don't see anything wrong with what the photographer did by selling the image. If the girl didn't take the time to read the release it's her problemu. The photographer spelled the terms out in B&W. He didn't try to sneak anything in on her.
X ray, see the last entry.. EBay wants to reuse quality photos (own and charge for them?).

Not allowed
Including photos that don't accurately represent the item for sale
Placeholder images used to convey messages, such as no image available, or out of stock, or other marketing messages
Stock photos for used, damaged or defective items
Adding borders to your photos
Using a picture that is less than 500 pixels on the longest side
Adding additional text, artwork, or marketing to photos
Watermarks of any type, including those used for ownership attribution
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