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Canon LTM Lenses for Sony A7RIII
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Canon LTM Lenses for Sony A7RIII

Hi there, I need a little advice please:

First: I own the Canon Ltm 50mm 1.4 but Im quite interested in the 1.2. How do they compare in terms of OOF / Bokeh. Any of you having both? Im reading quite a lot the last 2 or 3 months about this but didnt find enough side by side comparisons.

Second: Im aware that most wide angle rf lenses dont perform good on Sony sensors, but some are quite good, i.e. the 28mm m-rokkor. Anyone of you owns the Canon LTM 35mm f2 or maybe also the f2.8? Is it any good or does it also produce smearing or other weird behavior (color shift etc.)?

Any insights are very much appreciated. Thanks!
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