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Great posts. I learn something from almost every post in this thread.

I like how this forum is filled with articulate, intelligent people. I think it might have something to do with the fact that the average age here is pretty high. There's lots of life experience I can learn from, without having to learn it all The Hard Way.

Bob, your last few posts have really opened my mind. I'm more than 30 years younger than you, but I can relate to some of the phases you're talking about. Namely, this part:

Originally Posted by Bob Michaels
For about 15 years I only did family happy snaps. Now I did them well from my prior experience but had no motivation to do anything else.
I'm in that phase of life now.

Looking back, I started in photography wanting to make art. I got maybe a dozen photos from those first 5 years of photography that are still worth keeping. But the family snaps, which I didn't think much of at the time, I now cherish. Grandparents and great aunts and uncles are all gone now. Now, my own parents are the grandparents and I'm the parent. I'm taking way too many pictures of my daughter, but I just love them, and I'm sure we'll all enjoy them years in the future. Especially since they're preserved on film.

Armed with that experience, I'm focusing on taking good family photos. Unlike your quote above, I DO try to mix in an artsy shot here and there, when the opportunity presents itself.

Along that line of thought, let me share a few of my favorite recent family snaps here:

My daughter is the one closer to the camera:
A Tender Moment by Jeremy, on Flickr

Action shot at the playground!
Action shot by Jeremy, on Flickr

This one has my girlfriend looking at me with an adoring smile, my daughter taking a picture of my girlfriend's daughter, who made this shot with a digital camera. I'm succeeding at least a bit in getting them interested in photography.
We three by Jeremy, on Flickr

Another playground moment. My daughter is on the top, listening in to see if she wants to try to join this clique.
What are THEY doing? by Jeremy, on Flickr

A happy moment between my daughter and my girlfriend's:
Nest Swing Fun by Jeremy, on Flickr

I guess the lesson is that family photos will likely be the most valued ones, years down the road. They don't need to be artsy, but it doesn't hurt either. Lastly, nothing beats a good candid.
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