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Ok, here's a draft of the project charter for public comments. I've also posted it to Google Docs, but I'll need your email if you want to add comments there. Volunteers, PM me your email (I'll PM anyone who doesn't see this post).

We need volunteers for technical manager and volunteer coordinator (and any other roles you can think of, e.g., publicist).


Project Title: Tom Abrahamsson Knowledge Base

Authorization: Stephen Gandy and Tuulikki Abrahamsson

Brief Description: Tom Abrahamsson's thoughts and knowledge are spread over 6071 posts. This project aims to organize and edit this information into an online resource [Wiki, Zendesk, HTML website, etc.?] that can be easily consulted by [the film and rangefinder photography community].

Scope and Goals: Project volunteers will classify all 6071 posts by Tom into an estimated 20 to 30 topics and rewrite the information into articles. [Stephen Gandy and volunteers] will then create a [Wiki, Zendesk, HTML website, etc.?] to publish the articles. Citations will link to Tom's original posts on so that readers can understand the context in which the information was originally presented. This project will allow members of the film and rangefinder community to consult Tom's knowledge in a more useful format, thereby sustaining his legacy. The resulting knowledge base will be completed by [what month], 2019, and it will be published on,, and It will complement and as valuable, authoritative, and trustworthy sources of information on film and rangefinder photography.

1. Project plan and workflow.
2. Spreadsheet of all 6071 posts, classified into an estimated 20 to 30 topics.
3. Articles on each topic with citations to all posts.
4. [Wiki, Zendesk, HTML website, etc.?] knowledge base published on,, and

• Stephen Gandy
• Tuulikki Abrahamsson
• Members of
• Members of the film and rangefinder photography community

Users: Members of the film and rangefinder photography community. Customers of and Members of

Project Organization:
• Sponsors: Stephen Gandy (, and Tuulikki Abrahamsson (
• Project Manager: aizan (R. Aizan Sasayama)
• Volunteer Coordinator: [any volunteers?]
• Technical Manager: [any volunteers?]

Volunteers: Self-nominated. The volunteer coordinator will assign tasks to individual volunteers as permitted by their availability.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Sponsors: Make top level decisions about the classification, editing, and publication of the knowledge base. Provide leadership, information, and resources to the project manager, volunteer coordinator, and technical manager to reach project milestones and meet project goals. Are authorized to access and modify any document or system.
• Project Manager: Communicates with the sponsors, volunteer coordinator, and technical manager to plan the project, assign tasks, and track progress. Will deliver a project plan to the sponsors by December 15, 2018. Will complete a preliminary classification survey of posts with sponsors and technical manager by [January 1, 2019]. Provides bi-weekly status reports to the sponsors. Maintains project management applications [Google Drive, Slack, Trello?]. Is authorized to access and modify any document.
• Volunteer Coordinator: Communicates with volunteers to determine their availability and assign tasks accordingly. Creates style guide for articles. Trains volunteers on workflow, reviews classification of posts and editing of articles to ensure quality. Provides project manager with a bi-weekly status report of new volunteers and cancellations, and notifies project manager of volunteer concerns as needed. Is authorized to access and modify any document.
• Technical Manager: Communicates with sponsors to determine technical resources for the knowledge base platform. Communicates with project manager and volunteer coordinator to set up workflow infrastructure. Implements the knowledge base. Is authorized to access and modify any document or system.
• Volunteers: Reads and classifies posts according to the preliminary classification survey, proposes new topics if discovered. Edits posts into articles and adds citations according to the style guide and spreadsheet of classified posts. Communicates concerns with the volunteer coordinator. Authorized to access the post spreadsheet and the articles.

Communication and Project Management Apps:
All communication amongst the sponsors, project manager, volunteer coordinator, and technical manager will take place on [PMs, Slack, email?]. Communication between the volunteer coordinator and the volunteers will take place in a new forum thread: Tom Abrahamsson Knowledge Base Project. Tasks and time frames will be posted on Trello.

After volunteer coordinator and technical manager are chosen:

Project Plan: [phases, activities, milestones, timeframes, dependencies]
Resources: [labor, tools, platform]
Success Assessment: [how we define a successful project]
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