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If I had to choose between a 1990 Era pocketable 35mm point and shoot and a plastic bodied auto-focus SLR from the same period then I'm with Nick - but there are more options than these 2 genres for 35mm film photography.

Operations wise - yes, versus a two hundred dollar point and shoot Olympus Stylus, I prefer the ability to control the exposure that comes with a plastic bodied, auto-focus 35mm SLR like my Nikon N80/F80. Plus, there is usually no shutter laggggggggggggggg.

Second, as I mentioned above, the plastic bodied SLRs are usually priced less than a decent meal with beverages at a better restaurant.

But - like your choice of beers, there are more options than two genres. I don't usually opt for Bud, Miller or Coors. Consequently, the N80 led me to purchase a Nikon FE2 - which has the traditional control layout that I can glance at see all the camera's settings.

When I want manual control, I find the match needle meter of the FE2 quite intuitive. The micro-prism focusing patch on the FE2 is a bit more reassuring, which the N80 lacks. Also, the N80 does not meter with older Ai and Ai-S lenses.

By the way, I'm weird duck. I ran a couple rolls of film though my Retina IIa last weekend. I'll be developing the rolls later today. This would be anathema to most folks that truly enjoy an AF P&S film camera, but not all. My 30'ish barista at my local coffee shop has talented knack for any film camera.
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