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I agree with the rationale. However, part of the romanticism of shooting film is with manual and classic cameras which have quite a different camera. The latter AF SLRs are quite akin to DSLRs and don't depart much in experience compared to an OM-1 or a TLR, should we bring different form factors in discussion.
Supply and demand wise, the middle and lower range was owned by people who most probably are far away from film nowadays. I keep thinking about the graph in the ADOX keynote where the market went from 3B rolls to 26M in the lapse of these 20 years. A 1 digit Nikon F catches the attention as being the top line, and people prefer to own stuff they dreamed about back then because it's top end.
An F90 is more a prosumer, despite excellent, is in oversupply. Ditto for an F80, F65.

I came back from the camera club and brought my GW690III, talked with another member who had the mkII and commented about price increases. There was a thread on RFF about these cameras being underpriced. People would go first for the higher end and exotic cameras, once that segment becomes less affordable, other options will be explored.

Unironically, my OM1 jammed a few years ago and I "replaced" it with an F80. The cheap availability and AE convenience was excellent for more casual and dangerous beach duties, which ended killing that body. Saw the F90 as an excellent replacement albeit not as lightweight.

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You just have to get over the fact it's made from high quality plastic. Like your keyboard. Like your printer. Which you wouldn't really want made out of metal, would you? And like vast majority of lenses made today including very expensive high-quality ones.
Carbon Fiber bicycles and Aerospace composites! 90s cyberspace age polycarbonate!

Given time I think the bad rap may wear out and be replaced with a certain nostalgic appreciation. I read about a concept called the 30 year old cycle, about pop culture, where the kids that grew up in an era bring those influences again when they grew up (music, directors, etc). Related to the frequent string of 1980s remakes and tributes.
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