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eBay escapades. The low ball offer
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eBay escapades. The low ball offer

I listed a few low priced photography items on eBay recently and it's been a crappy experience. I seem to have caught an annoying wave of low ball offers. The first ads were ended because three different people sent me messages trying to make low ball offers on ads that clearly had no such options. It's BIY or go home, which is how I sell everything. The second time I relisted things, well, it's happening again.

I put these guys on my blocked bidders list, but is this a trend these days? I'll bet these are the sort of people who go to Walmart, grab a package of briefs marked $10, and tell the cashier "I'll buy these for $5 if you want to make a quick sale, and could you ship them to my place for free?" These are not normal offers I would consider even iif I were listing a Best Offer ad, they're stupidly low.

Here's an actual example of how this goes. I have two cameras listed for sale, so someone messages me and asks if I can lower the price and they'll buy them both. So I give him a great price, and he then wants free shipping. I explain that things have been priced low already, and free shipping isn't going to happen, but I'll meet him halfway on it. We agree on that, and as I'm redoing the ad I see that he's messaged me again, and now he wants a Fair Trade Warranty included, whatever the !&#$! that is (on a $40 year old, $40 film camera!!!), and by then I decide this is NOT who I want to be dealing with and I pull the ads.
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