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Originally Posted by joe bosak View Post
I've had lowball offers accepted on ebay (not often, but it has happened) and as a buyer don't know what the seller might consider. By lowball I mean 25 percent of asking price. Not photo gear though, but second hand stock from dealers.

What pisses me off are sellers who won't counter-offer. To me, offering 50 percent of your BIN price is saying - too high, how about something lower - your turn. And that's how it's designed to work, offer, counter-offer and so one until we run out of the bids we're allowed. And in my opinion sellers who only will accept a 5 percent discount might as well not use best offer.
Exactly. I lowballed a perfect condition Leica R9, because I did not need it and figured if he'd go that low then I need it..
He coulda said no. He said yes..

I love ebay. I get most of my stuff from it for excellent prices. If you don't like low ball offers, don't give the option to make offers.
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