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Originally Posted by steveyork View Post
At one time Ebay represented great deals for buyers of rangefinder stuff. That was fifteen - twenty years ago, during the dark days. Now most of the stuff offered is terrible overpriced; more expensive then you would pay at a legitimate store. Occasionally you'll have a sprinkling of folks who just want to get rid of stuff. Low balls offers, I think, are maybe people trying to re-capture the past when ebay was full of good deals.
I get excellent deals on ebay all the time.
My like new Nikon S2 w 50 1.4 that just showed up last week was $317.
Just bought a like new Lomo LC-A 120 for $250. They are $430 in the stores.

No-one is making anyone buy anything. There are plenty of deals out there, and plenty that are not. As in anything in life.
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