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Originally Posted by leicapixie View Post
Great start, small problems easily solved.
Keep everything standard, times and exposures.
Label bottles well.
I always printed a contact sheet, very important.
Raise enlarger to cover the negative sheet with 35 exposures on 8x10" paper.
Once you get a good print, most exposures showing.
That is time to expose negative for actual print. (very close).
Some of your prints could have extra burning (exposure), in light areas.
Do that to edges and it makes big difference.
I use Multigrade paper and NO filters..
It's basically a grade 2 1/2..Make sure safelight safe!
Place a dark cover over your enlarger's pole for reflections.
I use Durst with similar construction.
Have fun.
Thank you very much leicapixie for your suggestions. How about filter number 0? Is it grade 3 then?
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