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Originally Posted by Ste_S View Post
Cheers. I have the broadly similar F801 which will probably be on the way out as I just mostly shoot my F4 now I have a mb-20 for it.

After a lightweight camera that I'll just probably use a 50 or cheap kit zoom on, whilst also using the pop up flash to save me taking a dedicated flash unit.
Shooting my consumer C41 at half a stop over rather than a third shouldn't make too much difference...

I've got a similar setup going on - N90s / N65 / FE / Nikkormat FT2, with plans to add an F4.

It took me a little while, but once I realized that I a) prefer to invest in glass over bodies, b) don't like mount adapters, and c) like having diverse body styles available to shoot, it became obvious that Nikon is the route for me.
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