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A quick initial impression of the F65 i got today

It's small for an af camera with built in motor drive and pop up flash, not far off the FE/M chasis size. Quite impressive really.

In black it looks quite nice and whilst it's made of plastic it doesn't feel cheap. With the grip and the back ridge for your thumb it's actually really nice in the hand. Something you can use with a wrist strap without issue.

For a SLR with af, flappy mirror and motor drive it's reasonably quiet. The af motor makes a nice 'whooshing' sound with an af-d lens as opposed to the nails on blackboard noise of earlier Nikon af cameras

The viewfinder is smaller than other film Nikons I've used but without it being tiny as found on the D3xxx and D5xxx DSLRs. Perfectly useable.

A physical switch to swop from auto and manual focus is nice, the button you have to hold down to cancel the af assist lamp in low light less so. Having a depth of field preview button is great on a modern(ish) consumer cam.

Taking it to a festival at the weekend, looking forward to seeing how it turns out
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