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Having said what I said about McCullin's apparent negativity towards digital imagery (though I understand he himself was a convert to it, so he can't really be too negative - at least when he does it himself) I can honestly say that I really love some of his images which qualify, in my view, in the words of another poster, as "pretty pictures". As well as being excellent documentary photos. Like these ones for example which I think are captivating.

And this video of "great photographers" is interesting with samples from a wide range of photographers.

I should add that I am also very drawn to the images of Bill Brandt who is often thought of as a documentary photographer but he was also an artist who made many beautiful images. In fact according to art critic Sebastian Smee, Brandt professed to being "unconcerned with reflecting 'truth' ". He was instead in search of beauty. Something which shows through in many images he made. Though the truth in his images shone through as well.
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