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Originally Posted by Tarzak
Bouddi National Park near my home up a track that I'd forgotten was so sandy - a lot of walking (and my good bike was getting repaired with the MTB pedals attached and this bike had the road pedals - road shoes. Talk about making things hard for yourself)

Anyway I often go for a quick ride about sunset and often regret having left without a camera, then I think; "hang on. there's one in my phone". Then I regret not having a proper camera with me even more.

But for once I have a topical image ready! apologies to the purists.

Great shot. Don't worry about "purists" here - W/NW is non-judgmental.

BTW: besides shooting bikes, I ride them too and know about the dilemma of never having a camera with me when I'm riding - cannot figure out how to "marry" the two together!
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