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Originally Posted by jjovin
It is always interesting for me to read threads like this one and see that, often enough, optical quality of a lens is not the primary reason for choosing that lens. Instead, the perception of built quality and “feel” are often the determining factors. Frequently, weight of a lens is associated with its built quality. There is only one thing in the whole wide world that fulfills the criterion “built like a tank”. Looking at the MTF diagrams, distortion and vignetting curves for the two lenses, biogon appears to be optically a better lens wide open and closed down. It is hard to tell from looking at these diagrams how a lens will render an image on film or sensor. My impression is that Zeiss lenses render color more accurately than Leica lenses. Because of its optical qualities, I chose a biogon. It also fulfilled, by a big margin, my other most important criterion for choosing a lens: “the price”. My pockets are only so deep. Both lenses are built well enough to do the job for me.

I'm very critical about my work and equipment. It's much more than a hobby, it's my living. I own both the Biogon and asph Summicron and disregarding price I feel the Biogon is the superior lens in optics and build. The same goes for the Planar vs the summicron 50's. The Planar walks all over the summicron IMO. The old saying you get what you pay for is not always correct.
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