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Originally Posted by Dralowid View Post
If they are not listening they will launch an a la carte SLMOT for the young hipsters to better appreciate the days when photographers had muscles.

(I think you have one?)

You are correct.

I say that with every baby Linhof sold comes a free gym membership.

I can say the same for the Leica SL. The criticism of the 50 Lux being massive and heavy are true. The thing that goes unsaid is the rendering is wonderful. I love this lens. Does not get better than this. Know that I own a Noct-Nikkor and a 50 Lux-R "E60" which are also outstanding.

These three lenses on a CL become 75's or in the case of the Noct-Nikkor and 87/1.2. The sweet spot is perfection on a CL.

BTW my right arm is deformed and is about 1 inch longer than my left. It is also much more muscular. I'm a skinny guy, but my arms are disproportionally big. Also I have an ugly neck that is thick like a football player. Looks odd on a skinny guy.

"Vintage Hipster"
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