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Originally Posted by Calzone View Post

Agreed. Leica is a luxury item.

Use to be just a Nikon SLR film shooter. Only bought into used Leica when I turned 50.

When I look around (I am in my twenties, finished university 2-3 years ago, have a daughter) I don't see anyone shooting film who can't afford a m2/3 with a 3rd party lens. And most of them have one. If not, they have another epensive film camera. I bought my M6 when I was 20…

Also, keep in mind that cameras which where more affordable 10 years. You pay more than 600 € for most good medium format cameras (or a Contax T2/3) now which is what you get a working M2 with a cheap CV or Elmar for.

Costs aren't the answer for the relatively high avarage age here. It's the nature of the forum, instagram is more accessible, faster, all friends are there. They don't see more value in communicating here.

Edit: And to be honest: Everything around the pure nature of interesting communication here is just a pain. The vBulletin board looks like 2005, it's not a joy to write here, especially on mobile devices.
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