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Originally Posted by Goody View Post
I have a dot line Leica M39 (Leica threadmount) to NEX adapter which fits smoothly and seems to be well made but the adapter holds the lens a little too close to focal plane so that the focus goes past infinity. To put it another way at 15 feet the focus scale reads about 11 feet. Obviously this is better than the opposite issue where the lens cannot focus at infinity! Is this a common issue? I have a Novoflex adapter for OM lenses that seems to be machined more accurately. Has anyone else had this issue? What about a shim between the screwmount lens and the adapter?
Yes, you can use tape to add distance - but it takes a few tries to get a even plane of focus. My novoflex M mount adapters are spot on, but I do have a Kipon macro adapter that I use tape to let the lens hit infinity at the infinity mark.
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