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Originally Posted by ptpdprinter View Post
So imagine going though the rigamarole of selecting a body from all the options available and then not being able to buy it. Back to the drawing board. Because you can count on the one feature that tipped you over to choosing one model over another not being on the models on the shelf.

I know there is a marketing strategy to having ten models instead of three; though some psychological mechanism a consumer will supposedly end up spending a little more than he would have if only three models were available, but it only makes sense to the bean counters who probably don't include sales lost to confusion in their calculation.
Yeah, understood, but it isn't that hard either. If you are not into figuring what to buy, you most likely should buy a cheap model. If you are into photography more, you know what you need. I don't see a huge problem with the line-up to be honest. Most people have a price point and they see what they can buy at that price point.
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