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Originally Posted by Mr. Fizzlesticks View Post
I think Ranchu is being funny and honest. Never liked Nikon glass myself. Prefer Zeiss/Leica or Pentax, Canon, Minolta... Of course people that are invested in Nikon will never admit that there are better options. Just human nature.
I'm not invested in Nikon glass, I have Leica, Zeiss, CV, Minolta, Mamiya, Fuji etc as well.
Even Russian stuff and Lomo!

I'm just wondering what he means by 'olive oil', as I find the 50 1.8G to be a wonderful performer for very cheap money for AF bodies. $100 used like new condition.

Olive Oil 50 1.8G:

Crappy 24-120 f4 vrG zoom:

45 2.8 on Fuji C200

I find it interesting that with all these claims of crappy Nikon glass, Nikon has been the professional photographer's main stay for decades. Perhaps someone should have told them?
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