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Originally Posted by raid View Post

Ko.Fe. meant to say that we could use the M9 for multiple images while keeping track of the shimming set for each image. Then we use the shimming that is shown to give the best focus.
Originally Posted by Ko.Fe. View Post
Put shim in. Take the picture of focus alligment target. Check the picture. It will tell you right away if more or less or spot on.
Just like with film camera, but picture is instant.
OK now I see. We used to do it that way with telephoto lenses on Mitchell cameras when I worked in Nevada. There was no focusing mount, just shims. We put in a shim, shot a couple of feet of film, put another shim, etc. Then back to the trailer to soup the film, check it with a loup. Been there, done that; but I didn't see that was what you meant.
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