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Originally Posted by raid View Post
It could be that the total volume of cameras repaired never reaches the levels at which the NJ Leica center ended up with.
No, and here's why. When the sensor on my M-E failed the first time, this issue was not fully publicized so most peeps weren't aware of it. There was no rush for repairs.
I paid $5500 for a camera that lasted 3 months before it broke.
Leica NJ still took 4 months to repair it.

They suck. No ifs ands or butts.

Nikon USA repaired my F6 in 3 business days. And I'm not even in their pro member program. And don't say we can't compare a big company like Nikon to poor little Leica. Nikon has a hugely larger workload to deal with as they are used by far more photographers. But they are professional in the way they support their photographers.

Leica has ONE FREAKIN PERSON in their service dept. But loves to open glossy showrooms in fancy parts of town to sell their stuff. They have made it quite clear what matters to them. For them it begins and ends at the point of sale.

FYI Rolleirepairs in Oceanside has 100% more technicians working than Leica NJ does. Yup, they have 2.
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