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Received an email today (May 1st). Said my camera repair has been completed and it should arrive home in about a week (I'm paraphrasing the actual email text).

I know others here have received that email, and they did get their camera. Although not in the 1 week timeframe suggested by the email. Still, it was nice to hear about progress and get me excited about the eventual return of my M9. I have honestly missed it, and lately I realized how useful it will be to have the M9 back. I had a portrait session about a week ago and decided to use only M-mount gear. My current digital M (M240) performed well during the session. But I had 2 focal lengths I wanted to use, and it occurred to me the M9 would have been useful and efficient. In the end, I changed lenses as needed and it affected the flow of the session. Also made me nervous about dust.

As an aside, I also had a film M along and the whole M-only session was quite enjoyable. I didn't miss using any of my other gear and the M gear handled all situations competently. Mostly available light, but a few images with off-camera strobe. My flash radio setup worked perfectly with both digital and film M. Whew.
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