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I sent in my M-E (thanks again, Huss!) in August last year. I waited patiently for a response...and heard crickets for about a month as I am assuming that Leica NJ had an influx of North American cameras during that timeframe.

I was optimistic that I could possibly receive the replacement before the holidays since the turnaround time was reported to be 8-12 weeks at that time.

In December, I contacted Leica reps and was told that they expected the camera sensor to be replaced within a week or two. I planned on the camera being back by early to mid January.

In February, I once again contacted Leica and was told that my camera was still in the queue...I do not know what this meant in terms of estimated time for repair.

I finally got an email this week letting me know that the camera was ready and was on its way. Many months (9 plus?) have passed since I last shot with that camera, and I do miss having a digital M. I am lucky that I also have a film M and a very potent Micro 4/3rds kit to help bridge the gap. I also am kinda proud that I was able to withstand the temptation to pick up a used M240 - although I hear that's a more reliable and robust M.

Here's to hoping that this M-E remains trouble-free for the rest of its useful (not obsolete!) life.
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