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Sigma Foveon full frame L-mount camera in 2019
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Sigma Foveon full frame L-mount camera in 2019

Sigma has announced (DPReview's Photokina 2018 news) it will release a full frame Foveon sensor model in 2019 in the new Leica-Panasonic-Sigma L-mount (discussed elsewhere in this thread). Native Sigma L-mount lenses (as yet unspecified) will be released at the same time.

Sigma will also produce a Canon EF to L-mount adapter.

Looks like the wishes of quite a few on this Forum are about to be granted - Leica lenses on a full frame Foveon sensor.

Edit: from the same article, "Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki... said the company would not create any more cameras using its proprietary SA mount. However, existing SA-mount users will not be left out in the cold: the company will be able to convert some SA mount lenses to L mount. Those who want to retain SA compatibility will alternatively be able to use an SA-L mount adapter."
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