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I prefer the slow approach of the Sigma Foveon cameras, but the DP Quadros were in no way difficult to operate, and the post-process was hardly a headache if you were shooting JPEGs for previews. The Merrills, on the other hand, especially the SD1, were not nearly as much fun.

I'd go so far as to say that the DP Quadros are my absolute favorite digital cameras to operate because of the extremely quick thumb controls that allowed adjustment of every important setting within very digestible second or two. Closest thing to the simplicity of a rangefinder camera despite having a fully-featured settings list.

A full-frame Foveon is what I've been waiting for, and we'll hopefully see another re-figuring of the Foveon formula, hopefully something more along the lines of the Merrill cameras' 1:1:1 chips, though I had no trouble with the Quadros rendering for my style of photography.

I've been saving for a new system camera (as I've sold everything buy my DPs and film cameras), and was excited about the new Fuji MF cameras, but this takes the cake. I just hope we get some new DP cameras (DP0 in particular) with leaf shutters alongside the new L-mount camera. I'm beyond excited, never thought we'd see this news.

Hope we get A to L adapter for my old Minolta AF glass, too.
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