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Originally Posted by pgk View Post
Virtue no. A way of doing things which can be very useful though. Using skills to take an image only works in one's favour when it yields an image that would otherwise not be viable (say by taking it by shooting on auto). But like the fish that got away that's not easily quantifiable. What surprises me is that people expect automation to work but forget that if shooting manually they only need to change settings if the light changes. There are different ways of working and some work well for some but not for others. But don't get caught in the trap of thinking that one method suits all because it doesn't. FWIW I am faster using a fully manual, simplistic camera like a Leica M because I can shift the few controls fast and easily. My A7II on the other hand I find a very slow camera to operate because of its overly complex control menus.
For film, I mostly shoot on a Nikon F4s and F801, both on matrix metering and program hi (I prefer faster shutter speeds over depth of field) and auto-focus. Never misses a beat in all sorts of lighting conditions (sunlight, backlight, fog, night, indoor etc etc).
Point and shoot, simplest and fastest form of photography there is.

Likewise for digital, I use an Olympus OM-D E-M5. Again, just point and shoot.
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