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OP did serious work to find some extra long writing on wordpress. But...

100 years ago or now, no diffrence.
Pictures might be taken or might be restricted from taking.

Nothing changed from this perspective and nothing changed in human nature.

Everyone wants to see it from trusted sources.
Some trusts pictures from magazines sold before cash register.
Some trust pictures and narrative by RT.
Some trust CNN and other left media agenda (boys and older native recent case)
And some are willing to subscribe and pay for Vice.

Demand for truth, selfillusion and for manipulating hasn't changed.

Super bowl has one advertisement this year.
About photo journalism. People are still risking for it.

And people like Georgy Romanov are still saving money and going to Japan alone, with sleep tent and bicycle to take pictures and tell the story.

And our local newspaper camera guy is at every event and yesterday I liked another local media.
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