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I look at this as an unintended consequence to the changes in investments/markets over the past 40 years. As private owners of news sources sell their companies and they become publicly traded companies now answering to a board and thousands of stock holders. They now are not only competing with other papers, stations, or any other news source now they compete with Apple, Amazon, or mutual funds for investment dollars.

As the internet decimated advertising in print media cutbacks came to writers, editors and yes photojournalists. We are starting to find a new balance with paywalls going up to create a electronic access subscription. It will take about four years or so for this approach top help stabilize funding existing and new news sources.

It sucks, but it’s called the dark side of capitalism.

Who, same folks we always have been, those who make the news and those impacted by the event.
How are we, the same old way but thousands of folks with smart phones around the world.
For whom, in some cases subscribers, web site viewer, a much wider audience see more than they ever had before.

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